Celebrating The Bells Hotel Run

Saturday, January 12, 2019 - 4:00pm

The Bells Hotel has been a staple Hash Friendly pub for Sydney Thirsty since STH3 started in 1997.
The Miles family, who have been great supporters of Thirsty, have now sold The Bells and will be moving out in January 2019.
So we're having one last Hurrah at the Bells.
There will be a start circle in the carpark beside the pub at 4pm.
There will be a trail set around some of Sydney's most picturesque locations.
The bucket will be held in the back room of the pub. There will be no bucket fee as there will be no bucket provided, hashers can purchase their own drinks from the bar.
A circle with down downs will occur, followed by dinner at the pub.

Bells Hotel
1 Bourke St

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