60 Years 60 Beers Hash #1364

There must be some advantage to growing up with the music of Frankie Valli and Herman's Hermits, watching black & white TV, listening to AM radio and recording a mix onto reel-to-reel (hint: it's not about fishing). But in celebration of the completion of the International Geophysical Year, and the 25th anniversary of DMR's first hash through a snow-covered suburb in New York, we're laying down some awesome scenic A to B, for walkers, SCBs and FRBs. The latter will not be disclosed until we set off, but there'll be games, craft beer (yes 60 unique), swimming, food, live music and there might even be a drinks tab at the on-inn. We will start fairly promptly so please don't be late.
Your gear will be transported from A to B.

Ivanhoe Park
Ivanhoe Park Botanical Gardens, Manly

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