Badder Hair Day - Run #1277

We're bringing this one back! Wear your weirdest wig or if your hair is strange already, just come as you are. The DMR hare hair supply will be re-stocked too in case you show up without. After copious amounts of good grog, what better way to party on than to roll in to the on-inn at Flat Rock Brew Café. 

Best way to find us is to go to the brewery first and place your order for later, then continue on down the hill on the cycleway 400m til you see us on the right, under the highway overpass. You can also go directly to the start via Northcote Street from St Leonards station (approx. 15 minute walk). M40, 272 and 343 buses from the city will do the job even better.
PLEASE stop by the Flat Rock Brew Café before 6:30 to pre-order your meal (see menu). That will help them keep up with demand, and help YOU get your meal sooner after the run!

The Troll's Nest
Northcote & Ruth Streets, under the overpass

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