Green Dress Run #1242

St Patrick was the original green dress wearer and it is Thirsty tradition to honour him with an annual green dress run.

The full contingent of STH3 Irish will host this run:

Pu$$y Willow and Wasting Piss: Hares

Bit of a Slut & Carmel Toe: Beer Meisters

Vince'll Fit It: Half-way Bucket Priest

Boacumstrictor: Resident Bishop

Irish Spring: Monk banished to the mountains for meditation

St Patrick famously banished all the snakes from Ireland and during the hash it will be your job to banish all the snakes from county Bondi (the largest population of Irish outside of Ireland*)

Circle-up at Waverley Park (off Bondi Road). 

On-Inn at Cock n Bull (Ebley Street), where we will have a $12 steak special and fabulous live music afterward.

*alternative fact

Waverley Park, Bondi Junction
Bondi Road

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