Hashie Wedding - Run #1271

Your Hares Wasting Piss and Sick F*cker are preparing a Hashie Wedding to celebrate a recent tying of knots for one of our happy couples, Sasquach and Bl**dy glory hole.....
Dearly intoxicated, we are gathered here in the presence of the Pack to join this hasher and this harriette in holy mattress monkey.....
Of course every wedding needs the usual suspects! yes, it's time to raid your wardrobes and charity shops to find the following players..

.-->Bridemaids (men in Tu-tu's will do!

--> Mother of the brides - handbag's hats, outragious dresses

-->Jilted lovers - fuming girls and boys!... provocative outfitsflower girlboys

-->Dodgy uncles (the ones with their tie off and round a young girl's neck dancing away)

--> Disco Daves and their very iffy music collection

--> guest to perfrom 'the readings' ...list goes on! Make up your own!

We'll be starting at 2pm for this one as it takes a while.

Circle up in Baker park Cogeee.

On inn is the Coogee Diggers close by.

Transport is buses 373,376, 377 (all from circ quay and city), 372(from central),M50(west burbs). Get off at baker park on Carr St

Baker Park
Dudley Street

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