A Hesitant Tongue Dip Run #1307

If you suffer claustrophobia, vertigo, fear of the dark, fear of golf balls, fear of snakes, ticks, or spiders, or are not a strong swimmer, please contact the hares so they can make alternative arrangements for you.
There are prizes for the best bikini, but please come anyway.
Bus from Wynyard to Lane Cove Interchange takes 12 minutes. 12 minutes, boy & girls, so stop whingeing that Lane Cove is too far away.
Circle is south west corner of Pottery Green Oval, 300 meters from the Interchange. 
On-inn is the Longueville Hotel ('The Longy'), 70 m from the Interchange.
It might be a good idea to order food at the Longy on your way to the circle. Tell Brice you are with the hash.

Pottery Green
Little Street
Lane Cove


Submitted by Jimmy on
Hey, I ran into you guys randomly a few weeks ago and would like to join you. The next event is at Pottery Green, Lane Cove is that right?

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