The Lunatics are R*nning the Asylum – Hash #1238

Join Sloppy Turds as he eases his harey virginity down to his ankles for you to admire the virgin bush he has been saving for you. Stare slack jawed and drooling as the shiggy is as a thick as the haze from your antipsychotics. It's an A to B trail.

Circle up at Huntleys Point Wharf in Gladesville. We’ll be the ones in the running gear.

Either take the Parramatta river cat from circular Quay Wharf 5 at 17:39 or Darling Harbour Wharf 3 at 18:02 For you land lubbers there are buses 515, M52 from Townhall. The mechanics of pack transfer will just happen - no need to come of your meds.

The On Inn will be the Bay View Hotel Gladesville.

No need to worry about getting back, he'll make you comfortable, just lie back and relax, you might feel a little prick.

Huntleys Point Wharf
Huntleys Point Road, Huntleys Point (Gladesville)

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