Run Like a Viking Hash Run#1408

Wolveranus and the 2 real vikings are your Hares.

This is now a full on Viking Invasion theme run. Wear a strap-on beard, long hair or horned helmet etc from in the back of your cupboard and feel free to air it. You know who you are!!

Maybe run with only a fur cloak and finally show off those secret Viking theme tattoos.....

IF YOU HAVE NEVER HASHED BEFORE - feel free to just wear your running or walking gear and come along and have fun watching the others embarrass themselves having fun and a social drink afterwards.

• Circle Up in Camperdown Memorial Rest Park, Newtown NSW 2042.

The usual corner near Federation Road and Church Street.

10 minutes walk from Newtown station.

• On Inn - Kelly's on King, 285 King St, Newtown NSW 2042. Kitchen shuts at 10

• What to bring
Running gear, $10 bucket fee (unless you have prepaid) and a sense of humour.

• Important to know
There is always someone to take care of your gear, so you don't have to run with anything. We have fast and slow runners, and walkers. The aim to have everyone finish about the same time and socialise a bit.

• Torches, torches, torches for dark and hairy places!

Camperdown Memorial Rest Park
Church St

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