Sickfkr & Wasting P*ss's famous dirty washing run! #1305

Start: Pyrmont - Little park behind IGA, Cnr Bulwara St & Miller Lane

On inn: On inn at in the Harlequin pub, Harris St - Asian kitchen Transport: Walk from city- over Pyrmont footbridge or 441 to Star Casino and walk up or Light rail to Fish Market and walk up

Yes, yes, it's Valentine's night, but the girls have been naughty on Valentine's day and left their knickers all over the place! It's time to collect the panties on the famous Dirty Washing run!

Come dressed as a cleaning lady and clean up the dirty washing... (which will be numbered so you know it's ours)... no snowdropping this time :)
Scenario..... Oooh.... there’s been a dreadful kerfuffle. What with all this wind of late, it’s blown all me drawers all over the place. So, I need some assistance from you, the hashers, to collect the washing and bring it back to the circle. Now then, the wind may have blown it up trees, signposts, in fact anywhere, so you’ll need to look for them
• Hidden on the trail will be the dirty washing for you to collect for prizes at the end. Must be dressed as a cleaning lady to win! Bring back to the circle for a prize!

Few ground rules on this run....
• It’s not a race, so please do not speed ahead and try keep together as a pack.
• You can only collect the washing if you are dressed as a cleaning lady
• Top efforts for dressup – cleaning lady garb can be gloves, mops, hair wrap, buckets etc.
• One pair each only. If you already have some, then leave the next lot for someone else.

A park somewhere

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