STH3 Little Black Dress R*n – Hash #1288


Hashers, you've ran in red dresses and galloped in green, but the Little Black Dress run as yet to be seen

Join your hares, the indefatiguale Pippi Long Stocking, and the released on license Boa Cumstrictor for the inaugral Little Black Dress run. It's Hastory in the making - you can tell your grandchildren you were there. Don't tell other people grandchildren, that's how Boa ended up on that list.

LBD = Little Black Dress - let it cling to your curves and accentuate your bulges.

If you don't have anb LBD buy one, steal one, paint one on your shimmering skin, but don't turn up without one. Your choices are LBD, naked or go home (alternaitvely we could have a "how many people in theshit shirt" competition.

Your hares have their sights firmly set on the AGPU HWB prize, and although they are faced wit the challenge of following the XX run, they feel able to rise to the challenge, push aside all obstacles and thrust themselves deep into contention. Can you feel it?

Circle up: Observeratory Hill Park, Upper Fort Street, Millers Point NSW

On Inn: Australian Hotel,

100 Cumberland St, Sydney NSW 2000

The Rotunda, Observatory Hill
Upper Fort Street


Submitted by sickfkr on
Where's the on in please? Need to make sure I have the right shoes lol!
Submitted by sickfkr on
Philip's Foote for the on inn? That's not a cheap place and no bar as such unless you're eating there is there?
Submitted by Steve & wendy on
Thanks for the great birthday song for Steve’s birthday today at the Australian tonight & funny photos ,

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