STH3#1253 Westies Run

Put down your quarter strength decaf soy latte and tri-grain kale glutton free salads, we are leaving the usual inner city sanctum and Going West! Our Hare, Ring Spanner, is setting trail in a place many might have only ever heard about called…. Parramatta!

Circle up: James Ruse Reserve. Cnr parkes & harris st Parramatta, We’ll be the one's in the running gear!

On Inn: Albion hotel, 135 George St, Parramatta NSW 2150

Someone once said:

Go west, life is peaceful there.

Go west, lots of open air.

Go west to begin life new.

Go west, this is what we´ll do.

Go west, sun in winter time.

Go west, we will do just fine.

Go west where the skies are blue.

Go west, this and more we´ll do.

James Ruse Reserve
45 Hassall Street
Harris Park

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