Straya Day Hash - Run #1233

Crikey! All you flamin’ galahs, ‘ave a squizz at this!

Get ya Aussie on with the Sydney Thirsties for ‘STRAYA DAY mate. Two token Aussie Hashers, An*l-A and Velvet Underlay are your hares. We wanna see dirty mullets, singlets, flannies, stubbies, thongs, Southern Cross tattoos & hear cringe-worthy ocker accents. Get in touch with your inner bogan.. Struth!

Circle up at Harry Noble Park in Erskineville. The On Inn is the Erko (Erskineville hotel) where we can bog in, have some tucker, throw some thongs & see who gets blotto/has a chunder. Go on, give it a go ya mug!

Harry Noble Reserve
Copeland St, Erskineville


Submitted by Cockpit on
Heya Just arrived and have 2 nights here. Staying in Bondi beach area....since no trains etc. tomorrow, wondering if anyone wants to come meet me tonight? And if anyone is in the area for tomorrow and could give me a lift? (Fun female travel hasher...40s) Have been invited to an Australia Day party tomorrow so hoping it won't interfere with a 6:30 start- Asked for add on FB ( Gina Trussell) From a shiggy night hash in Atlanta, USA ON ON COCKPIT Southern Comfort H3 +1678-770-1279

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