Talk like a Pirate Hash – Run #1278

Join yer hare "Finnbad" fer th' annual Talk Like a Pirate Hash!!

"Avast ye scurvy dogs, be warned, tis the hour to set sail and start the plunderin... make haste to Pyrmont Park and dress in yer finest garb, arrgh for those that dont will be walking the plank for sure!! Lots of grog to be had and wenches to leer at so all you sprogs, get your tails a waggin and join the sweet trade! Beware dead men tell no tales AAARRRGH !!! "

Circlin' up in Pyrmont Bay Park on Pirrama Rd.

Yer On Inn be th' Pyrmont Bridge Hotel

Fer those wantin' t' natter a bit o' pirate try this:

Pyrmont Bay Park
Pyrmont Bay Park

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