Thanksgiving Trot - Hash #1290

Come get the turkey trots, you turkey tw*ats! It's an all you can eat Thanksgiving celebration with 69 treats to fill your horn-y of plenty and remind you why T-day may be a Can-Am tradition, but Australia is truly the Lucky C(o)untry.
This run does have a reflective tilt, so please come dressed to impress with something you are thankful for, or something that celebrates (respectfully, please) Indigenous culture in whatever country you hail from.

We will trot through the rich Aboriginal heritage of Redfern to remember that the US Thanksgiving was originally a harvest celebration shared in peace by the colonists and Wampanoag Indians in 1621.

Checks will be strategically placed to allow viewing and celebration of sites and artworks that likewise share some of our native Australian Indigenous culture. Let's give and share some Thanks!

On Inn TBA

Prince Alfred Park
Chalmers St and Rutland St

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