Two Dogs Sucking Legless Hash #1365

Two Dogs and Fellatio Horn Blower are the hares.
They say it was never a good idea to bat after Bradman. The same may be said about setting a trail after DMR. Still, Two Dogs Farking (sic) and I like a challenge and bring to you the Two Dogs Sucking Legless Run this Thursday 10 Jan.
Circle up is in a park not even shown in Google Maps, but just go to the corner of Whaling St and Little Alfred St, and smell your way to the bucket. It's so easy to get to by train or bus that we are not even going to provide you with links on how to get there.

So what are we supposed to do on a Legless run? We never thought you would ask. It means you cannot have any part of your legs covered. Well, you can, but you will be charged in the circle afterwards. So this means you can wear swimmers, underwear or just go commando. Think of it this way. It's just one less thing you need to remember to pack in your bag.

Will there be a half way bucket, I hear you ask? Hell, yeah!!

The On Inn will be the Firehouse Hotel, 86 Walker St, in North Sydney

• What to bring
Running gear, $10 bucket fee (unless you have prepaid) and a sense of humour

• Important to know
There is always someone to take care of your gear, so you don't have to run with anything.

Park near Little Alfred Tennis
1 Whaling Rd
North Sydney

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